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Increased Attendance

Since 2000, Immanuel Baptist Church has been experiencing a period of sustained growth.  Senior pastor David Dixon became the first pastor fully supported by the congregation in 2003.  Previously, pastors had always been sent and supported by the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.


Since that time, God has continued to bring new people to Immanuel each year. Along with the increased attendance, ministry participation has also grown rapidly, and new ministries have developed.  Today IBC reaches out to many different ethnic groups and ministers to them in English and, very often, in their national languages (Spanish, Ethiopian, Indonesian, Japanese, Nigerian, German, etc.).


While church attendance has tripled since 2000, children and youth attendance has grown exponentially. We have almost 100 kids attending children's church every Sunday, including up to 20 children in the Nursery alone.  There are approximately 30 teens and university students who participate in the bi-weekly youth meeting. With more families coming to attend services, we need more educational space for children and youth. What a blessing and responsibility to help teach these important members of society and help them to become testimonies in a morally declining world!



However, giving has not grown at the same rate as attendance. This is partly due to the economic crisis that is particularly hurting Spain and partly due to the nature of our ever-changing congregation.  We are trusting in the Lord to provide the human and financial resources for this project, which would otherwise be impossible for us.  For more information on how you can help, click here.