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Building plan and structure

IBC’s grounds are nestled within a business and residential area classified as “Parks and Gardens,” where strict building codes and regulations apply regarding construction and maintenance of a property. We have considered several alternative ways to add additional space, such as adding a second floor, revamping the whole church interior for increased space, new concrete building and modular building.  After thorough investigation of the legal and financial feasibility, we decided to go forward with the plan of an adjacent building based on traditional construction.




The new addition, positioned at the front of the church building, will consist of three stories, providing a new foyer, fellowship area, and additional bathrooms, as well as large classrooms and administrative and pastoral office space.  Several changes will also be made to the old building, thereby achieving slightly more space for the auditorium and more effective use of the fellowship hall and kitchen.

Though a modular structure was initially considered because of the shorter construction period, traditional construction made more sense as a long-range solution.  We expect to be able to continue with our Sunday services and other activities without interruption.

The building extension as well as the modifications to the existing building and required landscaping will cost € 530,000 ($ 695,000).  For information on how you can help, click here.