Home Ministries Ladies' Bible Studies


At IBC we are trying to challenge women to pray and study the Bible together, encourage one another, make friends and reach out to others.

Meet Your Sisters  
Come and get to know the women in our church!! We celebrated a wonderful first meeting for all IBC women with a special time of fellowship and some challenging thoughts on prayer.

Bible study and prayer groups 
Various groups of women get together in different parts of the city to pray and study the Bible. We are learning to love God's Word and are excited to see the life-changing results. If you want to join a Bible Study, contact the person responsible directly or the church office. If these groups don't fit your schedule, let Sue Liston know what suits you and perhaps we can start another group.

For more information, contact the church office or talk directly to the leaders:
Julia Justice   Bible studies at church, Sunday 12:00

Cherish Hobdy   Bible studies in Pozuelo, Tuesday 10:00-12:00

Alison McKay Bibles studies in Algete, Tuesday 10.30-12.30

Bo Do  Bible studies in Camarma de Esteruela (near Alcalá), Wednesdays 2-3.30

Susan Liston   for Precepts Bible studies at church, Thursdays 12:30-2.30

Yoshie Kikkawa  for Japanese-speaking Bible study, meeting at church, Sunday pm once a month

Coffee Time   
We will be hosting coffee mornings/afternoons at various locations and times around the city. Watch this space and the bulletin boards for updates on times and venues. If you would like to host one of these, please contact Paula Garcia or the church office.

Book Club   
We had a great time and a lively discussion at out first meeting at Margot's house. Please listen for more upcoming Book Club meetings.


"Bible study will encourage and challenge you to apply practical Biblical truth with life changing results." Darlene Sabatini