Home Building Project Introduction

Immanuel Baptist Church has been blessed with steady growth over the past ten years, from a regular attendance of around 120 per Sunday in 2000 to over 450 per Sunday today. We now hold two worship services every Sunday, and may need to consider adding a third service as our numbers increase. We are truly blessed to see the Word spreading in Madrid as we consider how to meet the needs of this growing congregation!

While our building has been a fine home for the church for the last 45 years, with its 250-seat auditorium (since 2001), we find today that we are seriously lacking in functional spaces for all of the activities which surround the worship services. Adding a third service will not help meet our need for more children's educational space, fellowship space, additional restroom facilities and other activities related to the worship services.

After considering various alternatives, our congregation has prayed and voted to embark on an expansion project that will augment all of the above types of spaces. The new structure will be built in front of and connected to our current sanctuary building, blending nicely with its color and style.

As we continue to serve the Lord and lead people to Christ, we ask for your prayers and financial support. Our building project will enable us to better serve and raise up disciples in Madrid, this "crossroads of nations". Your gift will help us to be salt and light for Christ to a growing number of people in the international community, and among Spaniards as well.

The total cost of the project has risen to 530,000 Euros.  At present we have 402,000 Euros available, so we still need to raise another 128,000 Euros.  Some of this can be covered by a pre-approved loan from the International Baptist Convention, but the more we raise before taking out the loan, the less we have to borrow (and less is definitely better!).  Construction is actually beginning in June 2013.

We invite you to browse all of the information available on our website about this project, and to consider how you can become involved. Please click here to find out more.

Thank you for your prayers and sacrificial giving for the growth of the church!

Pastor David C. Dixon
on behalf of the congregation of IBC Madrid